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The Embroidery Stitch Bible

A comprehensive reference to more than 200 embroidery stitches, The Embroidery Stitch Bible will inform and inspire any embroider wishing to improve their technique and interpret ideas and designs creatively.

Fashions in embroidery styles come and go, but the basic stitches and techniques remain the same. This book will meet the needs of all embroiderers, and encourage an exploration of the craft in a creative, imaginative way. Follow the diagrams and instructions in this beautifully illustrated book to discover the wonderful variety of effects that can be created on fabric with just a needle and thread and discover, or rediscover, the sensuous, tactile, wearable art of embroidery.

An essential reference for embroiderers wishing to improve their technique Over 200 embroidery stitches are featured, from basic cross stitch to more complicated couching and drawn thread work Stitches are arranged according to their use, making it simple to find the one you need Each stitch is explained in full with photographs and easy-to-follow diagram

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