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Machine Embroidery with confidence

Nancy Zieman, the nation's most recognized and revered sewing expert, teaches aspiring and experienced embroiders everything they need to know to master this craft. An easy-to-understand tutorial explains the basics of machine embroidery, and detailed photos and illustrations depict every step of using these machines for top-notch results.
Readers will learn about what tools are needed, how to organize the embroidery area, types of machines, designs, templating/positioning, software, stabilizers, hooping fabrics, trouble shooting and finishing touches. The book also shows readers how to apply those skills as they use machine embroidery to embellish everything from hats and shirts to blankets and towels.
Easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners in machine embroidery
Features a glossary of common terms
Provides inspiration or moving beyond the basics into more advanced projects

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2011-12-08 Birgit Landin
Betyg: 5

Plus: Tar upp det mesta man behöver veta när man vill brodera på maskin.

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Kommentar: En mycket bra bok som går igen grunderna i maskinbroderi. Går igenom olika stabilieringmaterial. Olika typer av broderi man kan göra. Mycket med tips och många bilder.

Köpplats: Adlibris

Pris: 160.00

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